Pilibaba Kit For Shopware

How To Install Pililbaba Payment In Shopware?

1 Log in to the admin panel of Shopware.

2 Choose the tab “Configuration”, select the option “Plugin manager” in the dropdown list.

3 Click on “Installed” and then on “Upload plugin”

4 Select the file for installation from your PC

5 Press on “Upload plugin”
6 Wait till the plugin appears in the list. Press on the “+” icon in order to install the plugin

7 Press “Yes” to clear the cache

8 Press on “Activate”

9 Create your free Pilibaba Account in http://en.pilibaba.com/account/login, get Merchant number and Secret key from Member Information page

10 Set up the merchant number and secret merchant key in the configuration tab

1) Register in www.pilibaba.com you can get Merchant No and Merchant account secrect
2) You should choose the option Yes
3) You should choose https if your system supports https. otherwise you should choose http

11 Choose “Configuration”, the tab “Shipping costs” in the dropdown list and Pilipay shipping in the list of shipment methods

12 Set the price for shipping

13 Choose the countries for shipping. Per default all the countries are set

14 In order to manage warehouses, select “Marketing”, then “Pilipay Warehouses”. One of the warehouses will be active per default. You can activate another warehouse or add new one. To edit a warehouse please press on the pencil icon.

With regarding of the shipment, all you need to do is to ship the parcels to one of our designated warehouse in your home-country. Pilibaba will do the rest things. For example:international shipment, customs clearance and last mile delivery. Click here to find our warehouses in your country. http://www.pilibaba.com/en/addressList

address of the warehouse should be set in such a format: First Name, Last Name, Address, City, Zip Code, State, Country The order should be always the same.

After installation of the plugin, Pilipay will automatically appear in the list of available payment methods and will be assigned to the pilibaba customer.

Important note! Please be sure that you set the weight for all the products and variants in Shopware admin panel. Shipping costs for Pilipay are calculated based on the weight of products.

The weight is set in the Items- > Overview -> item

If it is a product with variants, you should also set the weight for the variants.

15.Payment Badge
To help raise conversion and give clear hint to customers,place the Pilibaba payment badge to your shop footer or other places with your existing payment choices.


If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact us via email or Skype (developer@pilibaba.com).