Pilibaba Kit For Magento

Download The Kit

How To Install

Follow the steps to install this extension.

  1. make sure compiler is disabled in magento admin at system->tools->compilation

  2. copy app and media folder on root of magento

  3. logout magento admin and relogin

  4. clear the cache go to System -> Cache Management -> Flush Magento Cache

  5. go to payment methods in magento admin . go to System -> Configuration -> SALES -> Payment Methods

  6. do settings for pilibaba using screenshot attached Configuration.png

Payment Badge

To help raise conversion and give clear hint to customers,place the Pilibaba payment badge to your shop footer or other places with your existing payment choices.

Note: The “Pilipay Logo” is needed. It is an image shown on checkout page. You can choose a proper image from the “button/Checkout button” folder in the kit.